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Another small dog was killed while on a walk with its owner

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As Portsia Smith reports this morning, another small dog has been killed in a Spotsylvania County neighborhood.

In this case, a Chihuahua was reportedly killed by a Chow mix loose in the Sheraton Hills East neighborhood on Tuesday night.

This is at least the third small dog killed in Spotsylvania by another dog this year.

On Jan. 12, a Maltese was killed in the Lancaster Gate community. In that case, the owner was walking her dog when the pit bull got loose from its house, ran toward them and grabbed the Maltese from its owner’s arms.

The pit bull’s owner was charged with failing to keep her dog on her property, and in court, the dog was declared dangerous, a legal term. However, the owner was allowed to bring her dog home under certain restrictions, as I outlined in this story.

The owner was fined $50 for failing to keep the dog on her property and was assessed another $560 to cover the cost of holding the pit bull in the county animal shelter since the Jan. 12  incident.

In March, a shih tzu was killed in the Leavells Crossing neighborhood. The owner of that dog surrendered it to county authorities to be euthanized.

For tips on protecting yourself and your dog while out walking, check out this information from local experts.



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  • Liam Skye

    Carry a pistol when walking your small dog. Then the attacking dog, allowed to roam freely by an irresponsible owner, is the one that gets to die. If all goes well, the irresponsible owner might try to make an issue of it too.