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19th-century pottery site is major find

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Fredericksburg potter Francis H. Bell’s brother Nathan Clark Bell, in Kingston, N.Y., made this stoneware jug. Francis H. Bell operated a pottery manufactory in Fredericsksburg in the early 1800s, researchers have recently learned

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Historians and archaeologists in the mid-Atlantic—and even abroad—are buzzing about a discovery in downtown Fredericksburg: the remnants of an early 19th-century pottery previously unknown to experts.

Dovetail Cultural Resource Group, a local archaeological firm, will glean what data it can later this month from a “salvage” dig at the pottery site in the Amelia Square townhouse development.

“I cannot overstate how important this find is the history of American ceramic production,” said Rob Hunter, editor of Ceramics in America, the field’s top journal. “There will be tremendous interest from collectors and museums, once the fragments are analyzed and published.”

As the historical grapevine picked up word of what lies beneath the former Fredericksburg Hardware site, local researcher Nancy Moore jumped on the topic and pieced together much of the puzzle. Unbeknown to her, College of William & Mary ceramics expert Oliver Mueller–Heubach was also hunting for clues to the kiln.

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(There is much more to come, here on Past Is Prologue, about this important discovery.)