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VIDEO: Krick on Lee and Jackson at Chancellorsville

Fredericksburg historian Robert K. Krick, author of some 15 books on the American Civil War, is front and center in the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad “battle app” released by the Civil War Trust.

Download and launch the app, and you’ll quickly come across the first of many videos shot on the Chancellorsville battlefield with Krick–known for his sense of humor and quick wit–as your guide and narrator.

To get a small taste of what that is like, here’s one video from the app, below.

In it, Krick describes the famed “cracker box” meeting at a Spotsylvania County crossroads–which you can still visit today–between Confederate generals Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson and Robert E. Lee.

Thinking fast and making a huge gamble, they produced the audacious plan that launched Jackson’s famous May 2, 1863, flank attack during the Battle of Chancellorsville.

Chancellorsville – An Astonishing Decision from Civil War Trust on Vimeo.