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Walmart withdraws in the Wilderness

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Here is Walmart’s official statement, as read in court this morning by Daniel R. Bouton, presiding judge of the Orange County Circuit Court:

“We have decided to preserve the property near the Wilderness

Battlefield in Orange County, Virginia, that was approved by the Board

of Supervisors for a new store. We will still buy the land, but not

develop it. We appreciate Orange County’s business friendly nature,

and we are committed to building a store in the county to serve

customers in this area. We look forward to beginning talks within the

next 30 days about a new site along the Route 3 corridor.

“We are very grateful to county officials for their leadership and

commitment to the project, and appreciate the time and energy they

have spent working with us together as we tried to design a store that

balanced preservation and economic growth. We will compensate the

county for its legal and administrative expenses related to this