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Duggars rally for Cuccinelli in Fredericksburg

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Photo by Robert A. Martin

Arkansas patriarch and reality TV star Jim Bob Duggar believes it’s time for a “huge pendulum swing” in the ideology of politics.

He and his family are trying to promote that swing this week with a bus tour of Virginia on behalf of the three Republican statewide candidates.

The Duggars, known for having 19 children and starring in a reality show, “19 Kids and Counting,” have been stumping in Virginia for gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, lieutenant governor candidate E.W. Jackson and attorney general candidate Mark Obenshain.

Their bus, with a picture of Cuccinelli on one side and Jackson on the other, stopped at Calvary Christian Church in Fredericksburg Wednesday morning for a rally that drew more than 100 people.

“Our nation needs people who have a biblical world view to stand up,” Duggar told the crowd.

After the rally, Duggar said there’s “such a stark contrast” between Cuccinelli and Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe, citing Cuccinelli’s positions on abortion and tax issues, as well as his elected experience.

Duggar said his family believes political involvement is important, and he thinks conservative Christians have not done enough of that.

“In the past few years, a lot of people who come from a Christian background … they kind of got out of politics,” Duggar said. “The political system has been hijacked by people with liberal values.”

He said he thinks the “vast majority of people in America are pro-life” and don’t agree with “these radical extreme views like trans-gender bathrooms.”

Duggar said conservative Christians are a “sleeping giant” in American politics, and that it’s time for that giant to awaken.

“I think there’s going to be a huge pendulum swing” in the next few years, he said.

Duggar said he and his family have been involved in several political campaigns — they campaigned for past presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, Duggar himself was once a state representative in Arkansas, and they’ve participated in campaigns at the state level there. Their son, Josh Duggar, is director of the conservative Family Research Council, which is sponsoring the Duggars’ Virginia tour.

Duggar brought up an exchange between himself and the McAuliffe campaign that happened Tuesday. McAuliffe’s camp said the Duggars should leave Virginia because Jim Bob Duggar had linked abortion with the Holocaust. Duggar said McAuliffe should quit the race because he invested money in a Rhode Island company that profited from insurance policies on terminally ill people (McAuliffe has said he didn’t know that’s what the company was doing; its head has been criminally charged).

Duggar said his wife’s response to the McAuliffe campaign is, “you go first.”

The Duggars were wrapping up their Virginia tour with a stop in Woodbridge this afternoon. Cuccinelli’s wife Teiro was scheduled to appear with them there. Cuccinelli met with them at a stop in Richmond on Tuesday.