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Quinnipiac poll puts McAuliffe up over Cuccinelli

A new poll out today from Quinnipiac University shows Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe with a six-point lead over Republican Ken Cuccinelli in this fall’s governor’s race.

Forty-eight percent of those polled favored McAuliffe, compared to 42 percent supporting Cuccinelli.

Republicans say the Quinnipiac poll is weighted toward Democrats.

The poll doesn’t appear to have specifically asked voters about Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis; instead two percent of those polled volunteered that they’ll support “someone else,” while 9 percent didn’t know.

Both candidates show heavy leads among voters who identify with their own parties; Cuccinelli polled slightly better, at 44 percent, with independents (McAuliffe had 42 percent with that group).

They polled nearly the same among male voters, but McAuliffe had a lead among women.

When asked if those two candidates were spending more time talking policy or more time attacking their opponent, the majority of those polled said both men are spending more time on the attack.

Also, those polled rated both men about the same for their honesty; they rated Cuccinelli higher for experience and McAuliffe better for being understanding and empathetic.

Only about a quarter of those polled said they were “very enthusiastic” about either Cuccinelli or McAuliffe.

In the attorney general and lieutenant governor’s races, the majority of those polled said they didn’t know enough about the four candidates to have an opinion.