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New Allen ad; Senate debate tonight

Republican U.S. Senate candidate George Allen has launched a new TV ad today, saying that Democrat Tim Kaine’s only solution to problems is to raise taxes.

The Allen ad comes hours before the two have their final debate, and a day after Kaine put out a new ad of his own criticizing Allen on some of the same economic and budgetary issues.

Allen’s ad (see it here) refers to potential job losses in the defense industry, which could happen if the “sequestration” cuts proposed last year by Congress aren’t stopped before January. Those cuts were proposed as part of a debt ceiling deal, with bipartisan support, although no one who supported them wants them to actually take effect, including Kaine. The cuts were meant to be a threat to urge members of Congress to find a more palatable way to reduce the national debt and deficit. That has not happened yet.

Kaine supported the debt ceiling deal, while Allen did not. Part of the debate between the two men is that Kaine advocates pairing spending cuts with revenue increases — i.e. tax increases. Kaine supports letting the Bush-era tax cuts expire on those making more than $500,000 a year.

Allen does not, and says he doesn’t support any tax increases.

“America is ready for a comeback.  Defense cuts put it at risk,” says the new Allen ad. “200,000 jobs are at stake.  Tim Kaine’s solution is to raise taxes.  Can families and small businesses really afford more taxes?”

Allen then says his own plan “stops the defense cuts”, expands energy usage — it shows footage of a coal train — and creates jobs.

Kaine’s campaign responded by disputing Allen’s math on his own plan, calling it ” an economic throwback to the policies that got us into this mess.”

“Contrary to Allen’s claims, what puts America at risk is Allen’s embrace of proposals the Secretary of Defense has said would make these defense cuts more likely or his proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act as a way to prevent sequestration when the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has said it would actually increase the deficit,” said a Kaine press release.

Kaine and Allen will have their final debate of the campaign tonight in Blacksburg. The debate will run from 7-8 p.m., and be carried live by C-SPAN and live-streamed by WSLS in Roanoke and NBC 12 in Richmond.