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New Allen ad focuses on reforms as governor

Republican U.S. Senate candidate George Allen is up with a new ad today meant to highlight reforms he made as governor by working with the other party.

The latest ad features Kay Coles James, who was Allen’s Secretary of Health and Human Resources. She has also served in the Bush administration and as dean of Regent University’s government school.

The ad shows James alone on screen, talking about challenges Allen had as governor.

“As governor, the Democrats controlled the legislature. George worked with them,”  James says. “Welfare reform. Ending parole. Reforming education. They cut taxes, grew our economy, created 300,000 jobs.  Now it’s Washington’s turn.”

Rival Democrat Tim Kaine frequently talks about his own record of bipartisanship, and casts Allen as someone who has been more partisan, less interested in working across party lines. This ad reminds voters that Allen did work with Democrats on major reforms, something Allen’s campaign says they’ve been noting throughout the race.

The Kaine campaign responded, saying the ad “attempts to rewrite Allen’s long history of partisan rancor” and reiterating accusations that Kaine has made in several debates that Allen is too fond of “smashmouth” politics.

The ad will run in most markets around the state, the campaign said. It’s Allen’s fifth new ad to go up in a week. Both he and Kaine have devoted millions of dollars to advertising in these last weeks before the election.

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