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Allen launches new ad criticizing Kaine on taxes

It hasn’t been quite a week since Senate candidates George Allen and Tim Kaine debated last Thursday in Fairfax.

Today Allen has posted a new TV ad based around a comment Kaine made in that debate.

In response to a moderator question about the 47 percent of Americans with no federal income tax liability, Kaine said he’d be open to a proposal for “some minimum tax level for everyone,” while also criticizing GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s comments about that 47 percent.

Kaine later said he was simply indicating openness to ideas and not slamming the door on future tax reform negotiations. But Allen and Republicans see the line as another instance of Kaine advocating tax increases as solutions to problems.

The new Allen ad reviews tax increase proposals Kaine made as governor — he proposed raising several taxes, like the sales tax on cars and the grantor’s tax, in an effort to find more revenues for road maintenance and construction, and in his outgoing budget proposed to raise the income tax one percentage point while eliminating the car tax. It then shows the snippet of footage of Kaine’s debate comment.

“Tim Kaine. Raising taxes, on everyone,” the ad says.

You can see it here.

The Kaine campaign took to Twitter to point out that the Richmond Times Dispatch’s Politifact had declared “false” the assertion that Kaine “wants to raise taxes on everyone.” You can read Politifact’s reasoning here.

Both candidates have several ads cycling on TV. The Kaine campaign has already purchased $4.5 million in TV ad time through the election; Allen’s campaign has bought $2 million for September and reserved $3 million for October.