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Kaine out with new TV ad

Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine is launching a new TV ad today, this one focusing on his plans for economic improvement and job growth.

In it, Kaine says he has talked a lot on the campaign trail to small business owners, and believes jobs can be created by investing in those small businesses and infrastructure.

“Education and training are the keys to the jobs of tomorrow. We need to remain the most talented nation on earth, and I have a plan to keep us there,” Kaine says in the ad. “By listening to our businesses we can improve our economy and create jobs.”

You can see the ad here:

It makes no mention of Republican rival George Allen. Polls have shown the two essentially tied in the race for months.

This is Kaine’s third ad, his second in English; earlier this week the campaign launched ads in which Kaine, who was once a missionary in Honduras, speaks in Spanish.

It will run statewide.

The Allen campaign put out a response statement saying Kaine’s ad is “aimed at giving his failed economic record of job losses and proposed tax increases a facelift. It’s no surprise Tim Kaine hopes Virginians will only focus on what he promises for “tomorrow” and forget what his anti-business record looks like.”Allen spokeswoman Emily Davis criticized Kaine’s efforts as governor to raise taxes and his support for the federal health care law, which she said would hurt business hiring.