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Allen, Kaine argue federal budget cuts via ad, video

The race for Virginia’s open U.S. Senate seat continues to focus on federal budget cuts today, with a new TV ad and a web video.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate George Allen launched a TV ad that continues the line of attack he first raised in Saturday’s debate with rival Democrat Tim Kaine.

The ad slams a “super committee” in Congress, set up last year as part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling, that has failed to reach an agreement on federal budget cuts, and hints at Kaine’s support for last year’s deal.

Without an alternative agreement, a harsh package of cuts put in place last summer will start taking effect in January. They include billions in cuts to defense spending, which will hit Virginia’s economy hard.

Allen opposed the deal to start with, and is now using it as a political issue, accusing Kaine of making a bad choice to support the original debt ceiling deal last year since the cuts would hurt Virginia.

Kaine responded with a web video that accuses Allen of voting to raise the debt ceiling during a previous term in the Senate, and of blocking bipartisan compromise.

Kaine says he supported the debt deal last year because it prevented the U.S. from going into default, and notes that Republicans like Gov. Bob McDonnell and Rep. Eric Cantor also supported it. He says he’s not in favor of the budget cuts actually happening as they were proposed last year, and wants Congress to work to find an alternative to those spending cuts.

“As a U.S. senator, George Allen took a record budget surplus and turned it into a massive deficit, voted for trillions in new spending, and voted four times to raise the debt ceiling without cutting a dime in spending,” said Kaine communications director Brandi Hoffine.”He helped create the crisis and now, instead of joining a bipartisan effort to fix it, he’s cheering on gridlock and opposing compromise.”

You can see the Allen ad here:  Allen’s campaign said it will run statewide — including Northern Virginia — mostly on cable TV but on some broadcast networks as well.

You can see the Kaine video here: