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SuperPAC airs new ad against Kaine

Crossroads GPS, a conservative “super PAC” founded partly by former George Bush aide Karl Rove, has a new TV ad attacking Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine.

The group bought $275,000 of air time to run the ad, which is critical of Kaine’s fiscal policies during his term as governor. (You can see the ad here:

Called “Similarities,” the ad — like a previous Crossroads  GPS ad last year — links Kaine with President Barack Obama, saying they’re both “reckless” spenders. It accuses Kaine of turning a surplus into a budget deficit, and of pushing for $1 billion in new taxes.

“This spot intends to alert Virginians to the anti-job policies Tim Kaine supports when he should be pushing for real economic solutions to create Virginia jobs,” said the press release from Crossroads.

Kaine held a conference call with reporters today to debunk the ad as “completely false.”

He said Republican legislators favored spending the surplus money that the ad accuses him of spending, and that his last budget had less general fund spending than the budget he inherited when he came into office.

Kaine said that because Crossroads is the type of large PAC that doesn’t have to disclose its donors, it lacks the accountability to keep its ads honest.

“Secret money promotes falsehood,” Kaine told reporters.

He also took the opportunity to slam Republican rival Senate candidate George Allen, saying that Allen is more guilty of deficit spending than Kaine is.

Allen faces three other Republicans for the nomination in a June primary. The four Republican candidates will hold their first debate this Saturday in Roanoke.