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PAC forms to oppose “personhood” and ultrasound supporters

Activists opposed to the recent General Assembly legislation requiring ultrasounds for abortions and the “personhood” bill that defined life as beginning at conception have set up a PAC to defeat those bills’ supporters.

The “Women’s Strike Force” political action committee says its members are “outraged by the legislative assault on women.” Its leadership is mostly comprised of former legislators, including former state senator Leslie Byrne, and former delegates Kris Amundson, Robin Abbott, Katherine Waddell, Margi Vanderhye and Paula Miller.

Waddell said in the PAC’s press release that she is ”angry and

fed up with what is happening in the Virginia General Assembly relating to

women’s reproductive rights and I believe like many women that it is time

to take action. It is time to push back against this intrusive legislation

into our personal lives.”

The group plans to raise money and recruit candidates to run against supporters of the ultrasound and personhood bills.

They announced their PAC on the day the Senate is scheduled to take up the lone remaining version of the ultrasound bill, now amended to clarify it would not require an internal ultrasound.