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Reeves, Dudenhefer, other new legislators back Allen

Republican U.S. Senate candidate George Allen today announced he has the support of several newly-elected state lawmakers. They include Bryce Reeves, who won the 17th state Senate seat; Mark Dudenhefer, who won the 2nd House seat; Peter Farrell, who won the 56th House seat (which now includes part of Spotsylvania County); and Michael Webert, winner of the 18th House seat (which includes a sliver of Culpeper County)

Allen faces several other Republicans for the party’s nomination for the Senate seat next year.

Statements from Reeves, Dudenhefer, Farrell and Webert are below:

Senator-Elect Bryce Reeves, Fredericksburg

“George Allen is a proven, principled conservative leader; he deeply cares about our Commonwealth and Nation.  As our Senator, George Allen will continue his legacy of fighting for lower taxes, smaller government, and traditional family values.  As a former United States Army Ranger, George Allen’s commitment to ensuring we continue to have a strong national defense and support of our military and their families, is important to me.  I am honored to endorse George Allen for U.S. Senate.” 

Delegate-Elect Mark Dudenhefer, Stafford

“I am proud to support George Allen for the United States Senate. Governor Allen is a man of integrity and has served the commonwealth with distinction. He is what is needed in Washington to rein in out-of-control spending and return our country to its Constitutional principles as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.”

Delegate-Elect Peter Farrell, Henrico

“Fiscal responsibility and private sector growth are the keys to a brighter future for both Virginia and America.  While Governor of Virginia, George Allen worked to reduce taxes on middle class families and promote growth in the Commonwealth. During these trying economic times, we need a voice of reason like George Allen back in the U.S. Senate to combat the economically harmful legislation being presented by this current Administration.  I wholeheartedly endorse George Allen in his campaign to be Virginia’s next United States Senator.”

Delegate-Elect Michael Webert, Warrenton

“George Allen is the strong, conservative leader we need in Washington to help turn this Obama-Kaine economy around and make America competitive again.  He is the only candidate in this race with a pro-growth plan to help businesses create jobs and he has a long record of implementing proven reforms that grow the economy.  The 2012 election will have a major impact on the trajectory of our nation, and Virginia needs George Allen back in the U.S. Senate to stand up to the Washington liberals and fight for our values.”