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Reeves on “Jobs Tour”

Republican state Senate candidate Bryce Reeves says the biggest issue he hears from voters is jobs. So he’s been periodically meeting with businesses around the 17th state Senate district to hear what they need from government to help them expand and create more jobs.

One of those meetings was this week, in Spotsylvania County.

“It’s just been fantastic,” Reeves said of the tour. “What I was trying to do and what we have done is coalesce what it is that allows business to be successful and what hinders growth in business.”

Reeves said he has met with a broad spectrum of business representatives, from federal contractors to realtors to attorneys. What they tell him, he said, is almost as varied as their occupations.

“Some of them talk about taxes, some talk about traffic, some talk  about overburden of regulations, streamlining the processes sometimes with county government,” he said.

They point out issues at all levels of government, he added, although the talks haven’t focused on the “micro-level” of governing.

Instead, Reeves said, business owners overall say they want “stability, flexibility, and predictability” from government.

“I think they want buy-in. They want to be able to say this is something that’s hurting us, this is something that’s helping us,” Reeves said.

Several have also mentioned concerns with the new federal health care reform package, and the requirements it puts on business owners. They’d like to see it go away, Reeves said, although they do understand that health insurance costs are a big problem.

“They’re very uncertain about their next year, what this year’s going to bring. They want to know that health care is resolved. Most of them want to see Obamacare go away,” Reeves said. “That uncertainty alone with regard to Obamacare is a pretty big egg in their basket.”

Reeves is challenging incumbent state Sen. Edd Houck, a Democrat, in next month’s legislative elections.