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Houck, too, invites Obama to Louisa

Earlier this week Gov. Bob McDonnell sent President Barack Obama a letter inviting him to visit Louisa County to see the earthquake devastation. Now state Sen. Edd Houck is adding his invitation as well.

Houck sent Obama a letter, saying he’s disappointed that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has denied Virginia’s application for individual assistance for earthquake victims. The 5.8 magnitude earthquake in August caused about $15 million in damage to residential structures alone, and much more to public infrastructure, including two schools that have been closed due to damage.

Houck wrote that the damage is devastating, mostly uninsured, and means many people’s lives in Louisa will never be the same.

“Earlier this week, you received a letter from Governor McDonnell. I must echo the comments he made,” Houck wrote. “When times are tough, individuals turn to government, whether it is federal, state or local, for assistance…. Unfortunately, when aid is most needed in this specific instance, the federal government is not doing its job.”

McDonnell has said he’ll appeal FEMA’s rejection; Houck urged Obama to “personally intervene in this matter and call upon FEMA to reconsider its decision.”

Houck also echoed McDonnell’s invitation to Obama to tour Louisa’s earthquake damage.

“I call upon you to visit Louisa County to see what my constituents will be dealing with on a daily basis for the foreseeable future,” he wrote.