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Jury gets Stafford rape case from 2000

A Stafford jury is expected to decide today if it believes a rape suspect’s claim that sex with the woman was consensual.

Troy Lee Anderson, 36, of Chicago is charged in Stafford Circuit Court with rape and using a firearm in the commission of a felony in connection with a Nov. 12, 2000, incident in North Stafford.

Anderson was arrested by Stafford detectives last year after a nationwide DNA search matched him to semen recovered from the victim years ago.

His DNA profile had been put into a national database following a felony conviction in Illinois years after the Stafford incident.

Anderson was a Marine stationed at Quantico at the time of the alleged rape.

The victim, now 55, testified again Wednesday that she was walking on Barrett Heights Road early that day on her way to work.

She said she politely declined a ride offer from a man she didn’t know, and the man came by twice more and made the same offer.

The woman said she went to a friend’s house and pretended to knock on the door until she saw the car leave the area. She then continued on toward her job on Garrisonville Road.

A short time later, she saw the man running toward her. She said he caught her, put a gun against her head and said, “Shut up or I’ll kill you.”

He then raped her in some mulch in a stranger’s yard.

The woman had no idea who her attacker was and testified Wednesday that she still doesn’t know Anderson.

Anderson testified that he met the victim the night of Nov. 11, 2000, while making a beer run for his buddies in the barracks.

He said that after making eye contact with the woman, he pulled over and talked to her.

She declined his offer to go back to his barracks, Anderson said, but did sit in his car and drink beer with him.

Anderson, who is still married to the same woman he was married to then, said they began kissing and had sex in the back seat of his car.

The only conflict, according to Anderson’s story, came when the woman pulled out a bag of illegal drugs. Anderson said he became upset because that posed a threat to his military career.

He said he threw the bag out of the car, then dragged the woman out after she initially refused to leave. Her pants were still off at the time, he said.

He said he threw her clothes out as well and drove away.

Under cross-examination from prosecutor Amy Casey, Anderson said he had no idea why the victim had accused him of rape.

The woman said she had never been in Anderson’s car or had illegal drugs.

This is the second time Anderson has been to trial in the case. The first trial in March ended in a mistrial after a judge ruled that testimony about Anderson declining to discuss the case with police violated his constitutional rights.

Closing arguments are expected to start this morning. Attorney Andy Cornick is representing Anderson.

If convicted, Anderson faces a maximum penalty of life in prison.

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