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Starbucks, more food choices likely along U.S. 17

Coffee drinkers can rejoice.

A drive-through Starbucks is expected to come to a 3-acre parcel off U.S. 17 in Stafford County, along with two restaurants.

The Stafford Board of Supervisors recently approved the rezoning of the parcel from agricultural to urban commercial and approved a conditional use permit to allow two drive-through facilities.

The applicant, Frontier Development LLC has proposed to put a coffee shop, fast-food restaurant and general retail or sit-down restaurant at the site on McWhirt Loop near CVS. All three shops would front Warrenton Road (U.S. 17).

The applicant has said that Starbucks will be in one of the three buildings, but the search is still underway for the other two businesses that would want to locate there.

“I’ve had people calling. They are very excited that it [Starbucks] is coming in,” said Board of Supervisor Gary Snellings, whose district will include the three new shops. “Every time my wife goes to Giant, she goes to the Starbucks. It is a very popular place.”

Snellings said that he is eager for the sit-down restaurant to come.

“This is something we definitely need on 17. We’re tired of going to Fredericksburg and spending that money,” Snellings said.

The full build-out of the site is expected in 2017.

The applicant estimates that the project would bring in about $16,000 annually in county real estate and business property tax revenue at full build-out.

The applicant overcame concerns from Planning Commissioners and some Board of Supervisors over the traffic flow through the site.

County staff expects the businesses to benefit from the widening of U.S. 17. The development would be accessed through a right-in, right-out off Warrenton Road and a full access point off McWhirt Loop. There will also be an inter-parcel connection with the property adjacent to the site.

A transportation analysis calculated that the site would generate approximately 4,117 vehicle trips per days at its highest volume.

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