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SUV finally freed from creek

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After six hours of labor, a Ford Explorer that had been swept downstream in a flash flood was finally hauled out of Hazel Run in Fredericksburg.

On Wednesday morning, Justin Rainey found his SUV lodged on several large logs in the stream, which was moving rapidly because of the recent downpour of rain.

When he saw how stuck the car was, Rainey said he didn’t think anyone would be able to get the car out of the stream.

Rainey said it took about six hours to remove the Ford from the water. The entire process cost him about $2,000 he added.

Details on the extent of damage to the car were unavailable.

The flash flood that carried the SUV about a half-mile downstream from Alum Spring Park was a result of severe thunderstorms on Tuesday.

Rainey said he had been at the park with a group of friends on Tuesday afternoon, and they returned to the parking lot by crossing the low-water bridge over Hazel Run to retrieve a cellphone that had been left in the park.

As they were searching for the phone, the rain grew worse and the water levels in Hazel Run rose quickly.

Rainey said the Explorer couldn’t drive back over the bridge and got stuck in the water. The group made its way through the sunroof to safety, but the car was washed downstream as soon as the group exited the vehicle.

By Wednesday evening, the SUV was out of Hazel Run, but not without a hefty price tag.

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