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GETTING THERE: Virginia road maps are available for 2014–16

THE NEW state maps are out, if you’re still into that whole paper version kind of thing.

Actually, there are digital versions, too.

The Virginia Department of Transportation’s 2014–2016 map of state roads celebrates the centennial of the Virginia Department of Forestry.

You can pick up one of the 2 million maps at a Virginia welcome center or rest area.

You can also go online to see the map (including a printable version) or order one at VDOT’s site, as well as at the Virginia Tourism Corporation website.

Visit the Transportation Blog to find the links.

Dear Scott: I read the explanation from VDOT regarding why they would not paint white lines on the edges of Catharpin Road, and I think it was just a stock answer given without really considering what Christopher McKeon was telling them.

This may have been a lightly traveled road with few accidents, but now it has received a new layer of asphalt, making it dangerous.

Mr. McKeon wanted them to realize that and take appropriate action.

The goal should be to prevent accidents, not just react to them after something horrible has happened and changed the statistics.

—Elizabeth White, Spotsylvania

This comment was a response to the June 16 column in which a questioner asked VDOT to add white edge lines to Catharpin Road in Spotsylvania to make the road safer.

The question in the June column followed a deadly crash on Orange Plank Road in Spotsylvania, after which VDOT added white edge lines to the winding rural road in western Spotsylvania County.

VDOT inspected Catharpin Road and crunched numbers on crashes, but at that time decided not to add the white edge lines.

However, VDOT left the door open to possible changes to improve safety on the road.

The highway department has now decided to do something that should help, possibly more than adding the white edge lines.

VDOT plans to smooth the shoulders. That should ease the potential of tires slipping off the pavement, which can be a real hazard on rural roads like Catharpin.

VDOT’s Kelly Hannon said that work should be done within the next two months.

Scott Shenk: 540/374-5436