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E–Z Pass holders targeted in scam

A suspected email phishing scam has apparently been launched using the E–Zpass as a cover.

“The E–ZPass is a big issue today,” said Shannon Marshall, with the Virginia Department of Transportation. The pass allows drivers to pay tolls electronically without having to stop at toll booths.

She said the scam email has been sent to E–ZPass customers, and noncustomers, “up and down the East Coast.”

The E–ZPass websites have a warning showing a sample of what the scam email looks like.

The email says the recipient owes money for unpaid tolls on roads with the electronic tolls and includes a link to click.

Marshall said VDOT is urging people not to open the email or click on the link if they do. She hasn’t heard of anyone who has been victimized by the scam.

Anyone with questions or concerns may call toll-free 877/762-7824.

Marshall said E–Z Pass does not email invoices to customers. Instead, those are sent in the mail.

“It’s a reminder that we need to pay attention,” she said.

Marshall added that they don’t know where the fake emails originated from or how scammers will use the information they obtain.

E–ZPasses are used by travelers on electronically tolled roads in 15 states, including Virginia.

The Interstate 495 express lanes use the passes, as will the new Interstate 95 express lanes, which will cover 29 miles from Garrisonville to Northern Virginia.

The I–95 express lanes are slated to open in January.

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