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Knife fight leads to attempted murder charge

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A Stafford County man was charged with attempted murder Sunday after being accused of attacking his roommate with a knife, police said.

Sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy said the victim and his girlfriend returned to the home on Green Tree Road in southern Stafford about 12:35 a.m. and saw the suspect sitting in the kitchen holding a knife.

Police say the suspect was agitated and began cursing at the victim and said he was going to kill him. The man told his girlfriend to leave while he tried to calm down the suspect.

Kennedy said the suspect is then accused of attacking the victim with the knife, cutting his arms and face and causing severe cuts to the victim’s hand.

The woman had called 911 and when Deputy Christopher Staats arrived, the frantic woman told him that the victim was being stabbed. By this time the fight had spilled out into the courtyard, and police say Staats saw both men with their hands on the knife.

Kennedy said Staats ordered the men to let go of the knife, then took both men into custody. The bleeding victim had deep cuts in his hands, apparently from trying to fend off the knife attack, Kennedy said. The suspect had no injuries.

JorgeSanchezPellicierThe victim was taken for medical treatment while the suspect went to jail. Jorge Luis Sanchez Pellicier, 34, was charged with attempted murder, malicious wounding and abduction. He was placed in the Rappahannock Regional Jail under no bond.

Kennedy said the suspect claimed that he responded after being attacked.

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