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Boyd unveils plan for Barley Naked

Barry Boyd plans to retire from the U.S. Coast Guard and open a brewery. / Photo by Robyn Sidersky

Barry Boyd plans to retire from the U.S. Coast Guard and open a brewery. / Photo by Robyn Sidersky

By next spring, Stafford County may have three breweries within its borders.

Stafford resident Barry Boyd, who plans to retire from the U.S. Coast Guard July 1 after 29 years, has plans to open Barley Naked Brewing in Garrisonville next year. He said he wants to model his brewery after Port City in Alexandria.

It will follow on the heels of Adventure Brewing Company, which just opened off U.S. 1, and Wild Run Brewing, which will open soon at Aquia Pines Campground.

Barley Naked will be in a nearly 10,300-square-foot space in the North Stafford Shops off State Route 610. The brewery will have a tasting room, and Boyd said he plans to offer tours on weekends.

Boyd has been homebrewing since 2003, when he moved to the Washington area after being stationed around the country with the Coast Guard for several years.

He said he’s tried brewing all different styles, but will have more basic ones year-round in his brewery. Initially, he’ll have a stout, an amber, an IPA, a wheat and a lager, he said.

Boyd plans to hire a brewer and let the brewer have some creativity with the recipes.

“I want to see what the brewer brings to the table,” he said.

He really wants to concentrate on the IPA and the stout as his flagship beers.

Boyd plans to start with a 20-barrel system, which would produce 3,120 barrels per year. A single 20 barrel system produces about 630 gallons. That’s about 40 kegs, 280 cases or a little more than 5,000 pints, according to Boyd.

In addition to a master brewer, he wants to hire a brewery designer and an architect to build the brewery.

The brewery will be run by three others in addition to Boyd—Bill Ayers, a retired Navy veteran, George Fellman, a retired Army sergeant, and Gary Preston, a longtime government employee.

Opening a brewery has been Boyd’s dream since he first started homebrewing. He said the craft beer industry is exploding and the East Coast is catching up to the West Coast in the number of craft breweries opening.

With his brewery, he wants to give back to Stafford and the military community. He said one idea is to donate a portion of the proceeds from a specific beer to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Boyd is working on marketing the brewery and making a logo with a graphic designer in California.

The name, Barley Naked, is something Boyd said he came up with after a series of strange dreams. It’s also catchy and a little pun-ny.

He said he hopes his beers will be as good as the name.

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