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Seven charged following wild chase in Stafford

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Seven people, including two juveniles, have been charged after a wild incident Wednesday during which police say one car chased another and rammed it multiple times along a busy road in southern Stafford County.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Bill Kennedy said the investigation revealed that the chase started after the occupants of the rammed vehicle used counterfeit money to buy drugs from people in the other vehicle. Both vehicles were totaled in the ensuing commotion.

Deputy Nick Zotos went to the area of Kings Highway (State Route 3) and Ferry Road about 2:30 p.m. in response to numerous 911 calls about an apparent road-rage incident. He found the two occupants of one vehicle that witnesses said had crashed into a guardrail while trying to ram the second vehicle, which had continued west on Route 3.

Michael Dodwrige Digges Jr., 24, of Spotsylvania County, was the driver of that vehicle that hit the guardrail and he was with a 16-year-old girl. Kennedy said they told Zotos that they had met up with the other vehicle at nearby Washington Square to sell some rare tennis shoes for about $300.

After getting the money and realizing that all but one of the bills was fake, they left the shopping center in pursuit of the other vehicle in an attempt to get their property back.

Witnesses said both vehicles ran the red light at Route 3 and the Blue and Gray Parkway and that Digges’ purple Chrysler was continuously ramming the gray four-door car.

The vehicles made an illegal U-turn at the Ferry Road light and headed back east on Route 3, Kennedy said. They turned onto Little Street into a subdivision and both cars ran through a front yard with the Chrysler again striking the other car.

The chase returned west on Route 3 and they ran the Blue and Gray Parkway light again, this time nearly hitting a tractor–tractor. Witnesses said the Chrysler driver then disabled his own vehicle when he tried to ram the other vehicle again but instead hit the guardrail.

Meanwhile, the other vehicle continued to Cool Spring Road with severe body damage and a flat tire. Witnesses reported seeing sparks coming from the wheels of the fleeing vehicle.

Other deputies were involved by now, and Deputy Renaldi Mervil spotted the second vehicle abandoned on Cool Spring Road. He soon located four people who said they were waiting for a ride to North Stafford, and he let them go initially because he wasn’t sure they were associated with the abandoned vehicle.

A cab showed up a short time later and picked up several people. It then went around the back of a building and came back to the road. Mervil became suspicious at that point and stopped the cab and got its four passengers out. The fifth person believed to have been in the wrecked four-door was apprehended elsewhere in the area.

The cab driver said he had been directed to go behind the building to pick up a jacket. Kennedy said the jacket was later found to have marijuana in it. Among the five people at that scene was a 13-year-old Stafford boy.

Kennedy said no tennis shoes were recovered, but 3.6 ounces of marijuana was.

Arrested on multiple counts, including drug charges, conspiracy and possession of counterfeit money, were: Larry Chambers II, 19, and Marsalis Ray Allen, 18, both of Spotsylvania County; Delon Octavious Williams, 19, of Woodbridge; and Karsten Jermaine Lea, 20, of Locust Grove.

Digges was charged with drug offenses and five counts of attempted malicious wounding. The 16-year-old girl who was with Digges was charged with conspiracy and possession of illegal drugs with the intent to distribute; The 13-year-old boy in the other car was charged with conspiracy and possession of counterfeit money.

The adults were placed in the Rappahannock Regional Jail, while the two minors were taken to the local juvenile detention center.

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