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Arrest follows early-morning scare at woman’s home

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A Stafford County man has been charged following a bizarre incident during which someone entered a woman’s home and sat on a couch while her dogs barked incessantly, police said.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Bill Kennedy said the woman, who lives on Bentley Court in North Stafford, told deputies that she came downstairs Thursday about 1:30 a.m., to see why her dogs were making so much noise. She saw a stranger on her couch holding a pocket knife.

The woman said she got no response when she asked the man what he was doing. When she yelled at him and told him to leave, Kennedy said, the man stood up with a confused look on his face and left after saying, “Sorry.”

The Sheriff’s Office was called and Deputy Gregory Gabrielli spotted someone matching that description at the intersection of North Vine Place and Tolbelt Court, Kennedy said. The man, who police said was intoxicated, told Gabrielli that he had gotten a ride home from a nightspot and got into an argument with someone in his home.

He said he left to avoid further confrontation and ended up on Bentley Court, at least a mile away. Kennedy said the man was unable to explain how he ended up in the woman’s home, which had damage to a storm door.

Christopher J. Walker, 33, was charged with unlawful entry, vandalism and public intoxication. Kennedy said Walker was placed in jail until he sobered up.

Kennedy added that Walker does not match the description of a man who entered an apartment on Minuteman Circle in the same general area Tuesday morning while the female resident was in the shower. He claimed to be a maintenance worker just before leaving the home.

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