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Man asks to be shot, and police use Tasers

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A Stafford County man was arrested on numerous drug charges Saturday following a vehicle chase and crash, at the end of which he shouted at deputies to shoot him, police said.

He was shot, Sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy said, but only with Tasers that incapacitated him long enough for police to take him into custody.

Before that, another man was arrested in the incident that began late Friday at 2147 Sebastian Road off State Route 218 in southern Stafford.

Stafford detectives had information that a drug deal was going to occur there and had the home under surveillance.

Detectives were still watching when a man left the home, got into his vehicle and drove off. Deputies stopped the vehicle on Warrenton Road and recovered oxycodone that police believe was purchased from the Sebastian Road residence.

Arthur Watts, 29, of Harborton Lane in Stafford was charged with illegal possession of drugs.

After that initial arrest, Kennedy said, detectives were in the process of obtaining a search warrant for the Sebastian Road home when 36-year-old Gonsala Ceja left the residence. He returned just as police were getting ready to go into the home with the search warrant.

After he spotted a sheriff’s vehicle, Ceja sped away, Kennedy said. He ran at least three stop signs before crashing his vehicle in the area of Deacon Road and Route 218.

Police said the driver got out of the wrecked vehicle and walked aggressively toward the deputies while shouting, “shoot me! shoot me!” Deputies used their Tasers.

Ceja was charged with numerous offenses, including distributing illegal drugs (third offense) and possession of marijuana, suboxone, oxycodone and heroin with the intent to distribute. He was also charged with felony eluding, three counts of disregarding a stop sign and driving on a suspended license.

After being checked out at a local hospital, Ceja was placed in the Rappahannock Regional Jail.

Kennedy said the case was part of an ongoing drug initiative in the county that is focused particularly on heroin distribution. Eleven people were indicted in Stafford on heroin-related charges last week and all have been apprehended.

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