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Taste of Broadway bad for some North Stafford students

North Stafford High School chorus students visited Broadway to get a taste of the fame that might be in their future.

Instead, the students grabbed headlines for something other than their singing skills, and ended up making the New York Post for the distinction of vomiting during a musical.

Friday morning, 72 students and some chaperones made the trip to New York City, said Tom Nichols, North Stafford principal. The students received some drama and singing training on Friday. Saturday, they caught a showing of “The Phantom of the Opera.”

But in the first act, students started throwing up. Four had to be taken off a balcony by emergency medical personnel, Nichols said. By intermission, others staggered out of the theater.

At the end of the evening, 30 of the students were sick; 13 were hospitalized, Nichols said.

The New York Post reported the incident on Sunday.

Doctors suspected food poisoning, and the city’s health department is investigating.

The last student left the hospital at 4:30 Sunday morning. By early afternoon, the group was on two buses heading back, returning to Stafford County as snow began to fall. The late-winter storm closed school on Monday, giving students time to rest their stomachs.

The teens were back in school Tuesday, Nichols said.

“One student told me it was an experience they’d never forget,” he said.

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