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Stafford County teen jailed in blackmail case

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A Stafford County teen who prosecutors said tried to blackmail a young woman into having sex with him was ordered to serve a month in jail after pleading guilty to reduced charges Tuesday.



Unberto Antonio Sanchez, 19, pleaded guilty to three misdemeanors in Stafford General District Court. They include using a telephone to commit an immoral act, disorderly conduct and unlawful videotaping. He was sentenced to three years in jail with all but a month suspended.

Sanchez was charged with two felony offenses when he was arrested last month – attempted rape by intimidation and attempted sodomy – but those charges were reduced under a deal worked out by defense attorney Tara-Beth Coleman and prosecutor Ed Lustig.

According to the evidence, Sanchez and the victim had a two-year relationship that ended recently when she broke up with him. During the relationship, Lustig said, Sanchez videotaped them having sex without the victim’s knowledge. He also had nude and semi-nude pictures of the victim that she had sent him.

In early February, prosecutors said, Sanchez sent text messages to the victim threatening to post the pictures and the videotapes on the Internet if she didn’t have sex with him three more times. When the victim was unable to talk him out of the threat, she called police. The Sheriff’s Office seized his phone and arrested him Feb. 20.

As part of his suspended sentence, Sanchez was ordered to have no further contact with the victim and to forfeit his telephone. He was also ordered to turn over all of the pictures and videos, which he says he has already done.

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