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Josh Hardy’s health improving with medicine

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Josh Hardy’s mom, Aimee Hardy, posted good news on her Facebook page Tuesday night about her 7-year-old son’s health.

“Glory to GOD the medicine is working. Before Josh took the medicine the adenovirus showed up in his blood in 250,000 log copies. Today after only 2 doses (Wed & Sat) the log copies are down to 1000! If it stays on this course, it should be gone by next Monday!!!!!” she wrote.

That means that the virus Josh is suffering from has copied itself 250,000 times in his blood. After two doses of Brincidofovir, (one March 12 and one Saturday) there are 1,000 copies in his blood.

Josh, a first-grader at Hugh Mercer Elementary School in Fredericksburg,  is a patient at St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn.

His family’s quest gained nationwide attention last week when his family begged pharmaceutical company Chimerix to release a medicine to him. The medicine is not yet approved by the Federal Drug Administration, but last week Chimerix started an open-label pilot study for 20 patients, including Josh.

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