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Boy’s plight gains wide national attention


Two groups of people have organized trips to Chimerix’s headquarters in Durham, N.C., to support the family of Josh Hardy.

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UDPATE: Aimee Hardy, Josh’s mom, appeared on “Fox and Friends” this morning and was interviewed by anchor Peter Johnson. He explained the family’s situation and showed photos of Josh and the Hardy family while interviewing Aimee.

Johnson pointed out that Chimerix, the company that makes the drug Josh needs, gets $72 million in federal funding.

He said he spoke to the company’s CEO, Kenneth Moch, who said that even a visit to see Josh at St. Jude would not change his mind. Johnson asked what Moch would see if he visited josh.

“He would see a frail little boy who has a very weak voice and has a hard time staying awake because he’s in so much pain,” Aimee said.

After the interview, contact information for Chimerix flashed across the screen and Aimee directed viewers to the Save Josh Facebook page and to tweet at @Chimerix using #SaveJosh. That was nationally trending at no. 5 on Twitter earlier this morning. The Facebook page has nearly 10,000 likes on it.

Hundreds of prayers were sent in the direction of 7-year-old Josh Hardy on Sunday night from Fairview Baptist Church in Fredericksburg.

Josh, a first-grader at Hugh Mercer Elementary School in Fredericksburg, is fighting for his life at St. Jude Children’s Research Center in Memphis, Tenn.

After the young cancer victim underwent a recent bone marrow transplant, there were complications and his health deteriorated. He developed an adenovirus, and the only drug that his family believes would help save his life is not yet widely available. It lacks U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval and he is unable to get a dose from Chimerix, the company that makes it.

Fairview Baptist Church, where Josh’s family worships, organized a service Sunday night to pray for Josh.

The church was filled with friends, family, church members and those close to Josh, including his teacher, Denise Phipps, and Hugh Mercer Principal Marjorie Tankersley.

The service included prayers for the Hardy family, prayers for the medical team at St. Jude and prayers for Chimerix.

“Our little friend Josh is weak and in need of mercy,” one speaker said.

Another said that those praying for Josh should not get caught up in what is going on with the drug company. That elicited several “amens” from the crowd.

“We don’t always understand why something is happening to people, but my belief is in times like this, it’s God’s way of saying ‘rely on me,’” the speaker said.

Josh’s mom, Aimee Hardy, has been posting updates about his condition on car

One from Saturday night said, “Josh is working his heart out. I would like to see things really turning around for him. One of the doctor’s quotes is ‘he needs to stop getting worse before he can start getting better,’ which makes me think of bad football commentary: ‘To win the game, they need to get the ball across the goal line.’”

Josh’s story has been gaining increased national attention. Aimee Hardy appeared on CNN Newsroom just after 7:30 Sunday night with medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen and anchor Deb Feyerick.

“It’s just unimaginable that they have what we need and they won’t give it to us,” Hardy told Cohen and Feyerick.

Cohen said she spoke to the CEO of Chimerix, Kenneth Moch, and he said the company won’t change its mind.

Cohen explained that each dose costs $50,000 and the company denied it for Josh because its resources are limited. She also said that the FDA leaves such decisions up to the company.

“Honestly, I just feel like it could be overcome,” Hardy said. “There’s no good excuse for us. There’s nothing they can say that will really keep us from asking. We’re begging them to give it to us.”

Josh’s family will also appear on the Fox and Friends program at 8:20 a.m. today.

Online petitions supporting Josh have sprung up on and white, gathering thousands of signatures. There’s also a Twitter campaign to support Josh, with people tweeting #SaveJosh.


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