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Road-rage case in Stafford County nets suspended term

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A man who police say jumped up on a woman’s hood and smashed her windshield during a traffic dispute last year got a suspended six-month jail sentence Thursday in Stafford County.

Michael McIntosh, 36, of Nokesville pleaded guilty in General District Court to destruction of property. He was ordered to make $500 in restitution to the victim.

According to prosecutor Ed Lustig, the victim was driving on South Gateway Drive off U.S. 17 in southern Stafford the evening of Dec. 21 when two cats crossed in front of her, causing her to slam on the brakes.

The driver behind her honked the horn at the victim and the victim honked back.

Lustig said the other car pulled in front of the victim and eventually stopped.

McIntosh got out of the passenger’s seat, jumped on the woman’s hood and kicked the windshield repeatedly until it broke, authorities said.

He then got back into the other car and it left. The victim got the license number and called police.

Deputy Dimas Pinzon went to the driver’s home on Slate Drive and McIntosh was there. He told Pinzon there had been a minor road-rage incident in which finger gestures were exchanged, but he denied getting out of the car or damaging the windshield. The victim identified him as the man who accosted her and also identified the driver.

Police said the driver, 37-year-old Dayna Ann Akers, denied ever being on South Gateway Drive and said her passenger hadn’t done anything. She was charged with aggressive driving and giving false information to police and has a trial scheduled for March 27 in Stafford General District Court.

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