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Colonial Beach seeks help replacing items lost in fire

The fire that ravaged the former Colonial Beach High School Sunday morning also damaged the gym connected to it.

The gym had severe water and smoke damage and held all of the PE/Health curriculum, the PTA cabinets, assembly tables and the PA system, cheerleading practice mats for the junior varsity and varsity cheer teams, as well as all classroom and office supplies stored in the building.

For more information, email

Donations can be sent to: Colonial Beach High School, 100 First Street Colonial Beach, Va 22443.

Monetary donations can be mailed to: Colonial Beach High School, Attn: Judy Long-CBES Donation, 100 First Street Colonial Beach, VA 22443.

Here’s a list of the items lost in the fire:

Gym equipment:

100 jump ropes

40 hula hoops

20 basketballs

20 footballs

20 kickballs

20 dodgeballs

small parachute

large parachute

50 bean bags

25 tennis balls

50 soccer balls

4 sets of portable soccer goals

10 children’s music and movement CDs

20 children’s music and movement DVDs

20 volleyballs

2 badminton/volleyball nets

badminton set (class set)

20 nerf footballs

electric ball pump

bocce ball set

20 whiffle balls

2 sets of portable bases

rolling ball storage carts

25 foam softballs

10 ball bags

4 large cheerleading practice mats

40 children’s tumbling/gym mats

25 hockey sticks

40 flag football jerseys with flags

40 reversible pennies/jersies

25 lacrosse sticks

Other items in gym/PE/Stage area

teacher desk

teacher chair

file cabinet

portable stereo system/mic system

radio/charger (school communication system)

PTA cabinets (contents tbd)

Classroom/office supplies

boxes of copy paper (hundreds of boxes- 2 year supply for entire division)

class sets of markers (8)

class sets of crayons (8)

electric pencil sharpeners (4)

student scissors (hundreds)

expo markers (hundreds)

bulletin board paper rolls (50+)

construction paper (all sizes) 100+ packs 9×12 and 12×18



tape dispenser

Scotch tape

masking tape


rubber bands

legal pads

notebook paper

spiral notebooks

project covers

file folders

tab folders

paper clips





Curriculum materials

Boxes of Leveled Readers, Grades Pre-K through 5

Making Meaning – 2nd grade set

Houghton Mifflin Reading- Kindergarten Set, Vol 1 & 2

Houghton Mifflin Reading- 2nd grade set Vol 1&2 with workbooks (50+)

Houghton Mifflin Reading- 3rd grade set Vol 1&2 with workbooks (50+)

Text Talk- 3rd grade (50), 2nd grade (50) 1st grade (50)

Wonder Writers- 1st grade (50)

Making Meaning- 3rd grade set

Quick Reads – 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade: Books A,B,C,D

Little Readers- Kindergarten set

Math Manipulatives (several boxes- counters, timers, clocks, calculators, measuring tapes, protractors, colored tiles, etc. all grades)

Chapter books and independent readers (hundreds, including class sets of individual selections)


Teacher desks (3)

Book storage carts (2)

Student chairs (hundreds)

Student stand alone desks (dozens)

Four Drawer File Cabinets (6)

Three drawer file cabinets (4)

Several Kidney Tables

Several Classroom Tables

15+ folding tables

20+ folding chairs

storage cubbies (10)

classroom easels (3)

portable classroom/cubicle dividers

computer tables (5)

fish tank and stand


classroom carpets (8×10 foot)