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Man, 28, faces abduction, other charges after scare on school grounds

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A Madison County man is being held on abduction charges following an incident at a Culpeper elementary school early Tuesday.

According to Sheriff Scott Jenkins, a woman who had just dropped her children off at A.G. Richardson Elementary School found a man in the back seat when she returned to her car about 8:30 a.m.

“He was wearing a ski mask and displayed a knife,” Jenkins said. “He told the woman to drive away.”

Jenkins said the woman told investigators that at that moment, someone walked by the car and her cellphone rang, both of which distracted the man.

The woman used that opportunity to get out of the car and began walking briskly toward the front door of the school. She began to run when she saw the man following her, Jenkins said.

The woman raced into the administrative office, where school personnel whisked her away to a secure area. Office workers then calmed her pursuer, now without his mask or knife, and locked the office so he could not leave the room, Jenkins said.

School officials immediately called police, and a deputy who was working at nearby Pearl Sample Elementary School was on the scene within four minutes.

David Shumaker, 28, was taken into custody without incident and questioned for several hours before being charged with abduction, Jenkins said.

Shumaker, originally from New York, is also being charged with carjacking, wearing a mask in public, possession of a weapon on school property, stalking and criminal trespass, the sheriff said.

Jenkins described Shumaker as a former short-term acquaintance of the victim. He said the man confronted the victim at the school only “because he knew her routine.”

“Although this was not school-related, this was not a minor incident,” Jenkins said.

According to the sheriff, investigators found a knife, zip ties and a cloth gag in the back seat of the victim’s car.

Previous warrants issued against Shumaker alleging actions toward the victim include breaking and entering with intent to commit larceny, breaking and entering with intent to stalk, and peeping. Shumaker is being held without bond.

Jenkins said the deputy was close by at Pearl Sample because, “I had beefed up security because of the Sandy Hook [school shooting] anniversary.”

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