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2013 Fredericksburg Christmas Lights: Here’s the list of where to go

Here’s our annual list of holiday light displays at houses throughout the Fredericksburg region. A huge thanks to ROB HEDELT for the time and effort he puts into compiling this list each year. And, of course, thanks to the many folks who put in the time and money each season to add to our holiday season.


See the map of all these locations


116 Washington St. (In Falmouth Bottom, below Belmont.) Lights and figures on the house join Mr. and Mrs. Claus, candy canes and more.

14 Briarwood Drive (Take Ferry Road to Colebrook, then a right on Briarwood.) Newly made Tom and Jerry, Woody Woodpecker and Jiminy Cricket join an army of wooden cutouts, a Nativity and more in this crafted favorite.

153 Brickert St. (Follow Butler Road until it turns to White Oak Road. Just past Pro Trucks store, turn left onto Potomac Avenue and left onto Brickert.) Spiral light trees light up a yard that also has a snowman, reindeer and sparkles all over.

11 Lockwood Dr. (From last house, continue heading out of town to a left on Lockwood.) Red candy canes surround a sparking collection of figures, lights, a Nativity and lights that wish visitors “Merry Christmas” and “Feliz Navidad.”

610 White Oak Road (Continue out of town to this bright array on the right.) Santa’s back at the mailbox, a rocking Santa and Mrs. Claus are cozy on the porch, surrounded by so much more.

619 White Oak Road (Just past last house, on left.) A Santa train, a big bear, and other delights fill this yard that beckons youngsters.

129 Hamlin Lane (From Deacon Road, turn onto Ridge Point Lane, then a left onto North Point Dr. at stop sign, a right onto Hamlin. House on left.) What an awesome spectacle, with lights twinkling to Christmas music. There’s a glowing Santa, trees, penguins, gift poxes and snowmen.

59 Leeland Road (From Deacon Road, take Leeland Road; it’s a quarter mile down on the left.) The house is a beautiful mass of lights with a mix of holiday yard figures.

209 Northview Drive (From U.S. 1 north of Falmouth, take a right onto Layhill and a right on Elizabeth, to stop sign.) Lights shine bright with Santa in a hot-air balloon, a carousel and more. Despite ice damage, it all shines.

130 Cranes Corner Road (From U.S. 1, take right onto Cranes Corner, opposite road to Stafford High.) A yearly favorite, a big, cheery Santa is out front of the area’s largest collection of blow-ups, joined by a Happy Holidays message and more.

37 Hull’s Chapel Road (From Enon Road, just before Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church, take a right on Hull’s Chapel Road.) A handmade and life-sized Nativity scene anchors this yearly, well-lit favorite.

668, 652, 690, 650 and 612 Ramoth Church Road (From U.S. 1 north, take left onto American Legion Road, State Route 628, which soon becomes Ramoth Church Road. Several miles up on the left.) Santa must smile when he flies over the homes of the Cooper family, their displays are so full and festive, with countless cutouts, Nativity scenes and more.

168 Hope Road From U.S. 1, take Hope Road, State Route 687, a mile or so to the display, on the right.) A fire engine with Santa, gingerbread boys on a seesaw and gingerbread boys on a slide are new in this annual treat.

21 Ballantrae Ct. (From Hope Road, take Summerwood to a right onto Sunnybrooke to a right onto Ballantrae.) A 27-channel computer light show brightens the night at this stop.

20 Monument Drive (Take Courthouse Road past Colonial Forge High School to left on Monument.) The addition of 4,000 icicle lights and new music freshens this display that synchs music with colored lights, a forest of trees and more.

271 Choptank Road (Heading west on Courthouse Road, take left onto Shelton Shop, right on Mountain View then a right onto Choptank. On the left.) If there’s such a thing as a blue-light Christmas special, it’s this house, which has a special glow that puts smiles on so many faces.

36 Riverton Drive (From Garrisonville Road, take right onto Barrett Heights, left onto Whitestone, left onto Riverton) Quite a sweet and merry sight, with stately lights and a yard full of animals, packages and candy canes.

68 Van Horn Lane (Continue from last house to right onto Van Horn at Rock Hill Baptist Church.) With so much hand-made, a full-sized wooden Nativity, reindeer and sleigh join more than 20 animals, blow-ups and more.

7 Gray Birch Drive (From State Route 610, take Eustace Road past H.H. Poole Middle School. Turn left onto Gray Birch.) A yard full of figures dancing to music join Santa’s workshop, colored lights, a big snowman.

1039 Portugal Drive (Come into Aquia Harbour to a right on Aquia Drive, then a right onto Portugal.) Santa in a plane on the roof tops off a sparkling display of lights. There’s more, from a Ferris wheel to Santa in his chair to Snoopy at the mail box.

15 Gibson Drive (From U.S. 17 north, take a right at Poplar Road, then a left on Janney Lane and a right on Gibson Drive.) New additions—singing polar bears, a flying angel, amazing light shows—join lighted arches, dozens of inflatables and figures.

36 Jacobs Lane (Take 17 north past Poplar Road exit to a left on Jacob’s Lane, just past Burton’s Automotive.) At night this home comes alive with a a Santa hanging from the chimney, joining a panda bear, a moose, deer, snowmen and more.

114 Wateredge Lane (From Poplar Road, take Kellogg Mill Road to a right on Abel Drive and left on Wateredge.) Lights on house, trees and yard are synched to music heard on car radios in this light-cruisers’ favorite. Food Bank donations are collected.


3200 Waverly Drive (From Bragg Road, take a right onto Waverly.) Red and white lights everywhere with trees, candy canes and a Nativity scene.

6 Edison Court (From last house to a left on Edison.) Woodland creatures and fishing Santa return, along with the Nativity, a bear picking berries and elves preparing the sleigh.

4035 Plank Road. (On Plank Road between Powell’s Furniture and Faith Baptist Church.) The yard is full of figures, candy canes, Snoopy, a snowman and a cheery so much more.

12534 Chewning Lane (From State Route 3, take a right onto Chewning, just past Wawa, and house is about a mile on the right.) They spell “Merry Christmas” and use lights, a manger and other components to make it so.

1174 Mayflower Court (From Gordon Road, cross Harrison and take first right onto Mayflower.) A huge light tree makes the synchronized music and light show special, with hoops on the driveway and more.

6915 Dewey Court (From last house, take a right onto Gordon, a left onto Rappahannock, a left on the second Hotsprings Lane and a right onto Dewey Court.) Neat from both sides, with much of the house framed in light and unique figures all around the brightly decorated home.

11216 to 11222 Piedmont Landing Drive (From Harrison Road, take Piedmont Drive to a left into Piedmont Landing.) A sign amidst these highly decorated houses cries out “Candy Cane Lane” amidst red and white lights, while next door there’s Santa and a “Happy Holidays” message.

12309 McClain St. (From Route 3, take Corter by Chancellor Elementary to a right on McClain.) New items—Snoopy and Woodstock, Santa on the roof—join so many lights, figures and animals in this festive display.

7307, 7309, 7312 Middleton Drive (From last house, head back to a right on Corter to Middleton.) All sorts of figures and lights make this stretch of homes a fun place to visit.

8211 Old Plank Road (On Old Plank Road, just west of Catharpin.) In perhaps the most unique Christmas display around, a row of vintage tractors are aglow, with Santa up on a lift.

8915 Blvd. of the Generals (Take Old Plank Road past Catharpin Drive to a left into Estates of Lee–Jackson on Boulevard of the Generals.) Merry Christmas in the yard joins lights of all colors in this graceful and bright display framed with candy canes.

6123 Blackstone Blvd. (From Smith Station Road, take Blackstone into Fox Point.) Cheery lights on the house, Santa’s sleigh and the word “Joy” lights the night in this subdivision with many decorated homes.

9410 Deep Creek Lane (Take Leavells Road toward Spotsylvania Parkway, then a left just before it on Greenspring, a right on Deep Creek.) Perhaps the most complex and expansive mix of lights and decorations synchronized to pulse with music, with donations are taken for the area food bank.

5502 Silver Maple Lane (From Spotsylvania Parkway, take Yellow Birch Dr. to right on Holly Leaf to right on Silver Maple.) A Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, Santa and so much more makes this merry.

4108 Mossy Bank Lane (From Route 1 south take a left onto Mills Dr./U.S. 17, a left onto Old Dominion, a right onto Monticello and a right onto Mossy Bank.) What a cheery sight, this house alive with light, with a big snow globe, a choo-choo train and even music for visitors.

4519 Rebecca Road (From State Route 2, take Gerber Drive to Rebecca Road.) A polar bear inflatable joins Santa trains, candy canes, penguins, a gingerbread man and so much more.


197 Stonewall Drive (From U.S. 1, take Confederate Boulevard to a right on Stonewall.) Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, my pal Paul adds two huge gingerbread people waving hello, and a string of gingerbread boys sledding. They join a Ferris wheel, a carousel, and dozens of other hand-crafted figures that make this a uniquely large and endearing display.

134 Springwood Drive (Off Lafayette Blvd. near Twin Lakes Drive in Alum Springs Estates. At end of street.) The night’s ablaze with a 20-foot light tree that joins other decorations that pulse with music you can tune in your car. There’s also a box for donations to Make-A-Wish of Greater Virginia.

2201 Hays St. (From Plank Road just before Gateway Village shopping center, take a right onto Mahone to a right on Hays.) A yard decorated with candy canes sets off a penguin and a snowman saying hello. Lights and garland wrapped around posts are special as well.


1026 French Court (From State Route 3, take Fletcher’s Chapel Road 2 miles to a left on Oakland, then left on French Court.) House, bushes and trees are ablaze with lights, with Santa and enough else to make children smile.

9410 Indiantown Road (In King George, take State Route 610 a mile or so to house.) A “Happy Birthday Jesus” sign and Nativity scene key this display, and more to create a “real meaning of Christmas” feel.

14256 Melody Lane (From State Route 205 heading toward Colonial Beach, take a right on State Route 621 and a left on Melody.) Wow, there’s Santa and Mrs. Claus in a decorated pontoon boat! Along with carolers, angels and other hand-made figures.

2013 Fredericksburg-area Christmas Lights Map