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City to lease spaces for paid parking lot

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The Fredericksburg City Council is expected to take a final vote this evening to lease 40 parking spaces behind the Princess Anne Building at 904 Princess Anne St.

If approved, the city will use a single pay station to serve those spaces.

The pay station made by Digital Payment Technologies is known as the Luke II. It will offer patrons the options of paying by coins, paper currency, credit cards, smart cards or their cell phones.

The device also can send phone reminders to people when their time is about to expire so they can add money without leaving wherever they are in the city.

Fredericksburg officials have been looking for solutions to a shortage of parking in the downtown area. If approved, the spaces would be leased for two years, starting Jan. 1. They would be available on weekends, holidays, and on weekdays between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The city would lease the parking for $15,000 per year from the owners of the Princess Anne Building, which is made up of Walter J. Sheffield, Ralph Sutton and Kenneth Butzner.

The ordinance enacts a fee of $1 per hour for parking and a $25 fine if the time expires without payment.

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