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Stafford man charged with murder

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Stafford authorities have filed three additional felony charges against a man accused of killing another man with a one-punch knockout earlier this year.

Logan Peter Dalgarn, 24, of Stafford was already facing an involuntary manslaughter charge in connection with the June 1 death of 20-year-old Kwesi Tyree Franklin.

This week, a Stafford grand jury indicted Dalgarn on three new felony charges—second-degree murder, felony murder and malicious wounding. Second-degree murder carries a maximum penalty of 40 years in prison.

According to evidence presented at a preliminary hearing last month, Dalgarn and Franklin were in a dispute involving an $80 drug deal. Witnesses said Franklin sold Dalgarn baking soda instead of cocaine and Dalgarn wanted his money back.

Dalgarn was near his home on Malvern Hill Court with some friends late May 30 when he saw Franklin in the neighborhood.

Dalgarn’s roommate testified that he saw the two men exchanging words and saw Dalgarn backing away from an approaching Franklin.

Dalgarn stopped backing away and landed the single punch, according to the testimony. He and his friends then went back into their home and played video games. Witnesses said they didn’t think Franklin was seriously hurt.

A neighbor saw Franklin on the ground and called for help. Franklin suffered brain swelling and three skull fractures and died June 1.

Dalgarn’s attorney, Mark Gardner, argued at the hearing that the case merited no more than a misdemeanor assault charge. Gardner declined to comment on the new charges, but said that as far as he knows, no new evidence has surfaced.

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