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Farm animals go to class in Caroline

A lionhead rabbit, a white Pekin duck and two silkie roosters were the center of attention Tuesday at Bowling Green Elementary.

The visit from the animals, who live at A Farm Next Door, were part of “Farm to School Week” at the Caroline County school.

The week is full of activities centered around agriculture and farm education geared toward the young students.

Representatives from the Virginia Farm Bureau have been speaking to students in their classrooms this week and farmers from around the county are visiting.

On Monday, English Acres farm visited to explain how crops grow and to show the students plants and seeds.

Tuesday, owners of A Farm Next Door brought their animals for the students to pet, along with different types of eggs, and alpaca fiber for the students to feel.

Aimee De Leon and Sherry Brillhart let the little ones pet the animals. They told them about the animals on their farm—more than 200—and what they do.

The farm, just down the street from the school, has rabbits, ducks, cats, dogs, cows, chickens, roosters and other animals.

De Leon and Brillhart explained how some of the eggs from their chickens produce chicks and others are for eating.

They said that it is important for kids to learn about farms, and though this is their first time visiting a school like Bowling Green, they’ve visited churches and nursery schools with their animals before.

“If you don’t have farms, you don’t eat,” De Leon said. “People don’t realize, no farms, no food.”

Today, students will see a combine from Caroline farmer Maxie Broaddus. He’ll explain what a combine and other equipment does on a farm and tell them about his crops.

The school has no visitors on Thursday, but on Friday, Jeff Sili, who represents the Bowling Green District on the Board of Supervisors, will tell the students about the bees he raises and the benefits of local honey.

Rachel Famer, the kitchen manager at the school, organized the week of events.

She said she wanted the students to see what farmers do and show them things they may not have seen before.

Caroline has many farms, including Christmas tree farms. The main products raised in the county are soybeans, corn, poultry and beef.

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