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Dispatch from the polls: Mount Ararat Baptist Church in North Stafford

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By Edie Gross

Turnout at the precinct at Mount Ararat Baptist Church in North Stafford was steady Tuesday morning.

Linda Schneider, who volunteered to hand out Republican literature, brought a knitting project to pass the time — but so many voters had come out that she hadn’t made much progress.

“The fact that I’ve only done two rows is a good sign,” said Schneider, who hoped turnout would exceed predictions.

Marguerite Nugent said she came out to support candidates who promised better funding for public schools and solutions to the area’s transportation woes.

She noted that the gubernatorial candidates would have been better served focusing on their messages rather than negative campaigning.

“I’d rather see what their stand is,” Nugent said.

Joseph Harpe said he wasn’t real happy with any of the candidates, but the mess with the Affordable Care Act pushed him solidly into Cuccinelli’s camp.

Meanwhile, Ron and Carolyn Coles said they felt too much had been made of the healthcare law’s early missteps.

“Bad-mouthing the healthcare plan doesn’t help,” Ron Coles said. “The healthcare plan will make or break its own self. If you don’t have any healthcare, that’s a bad plan. If you have a chance to get healthcare, then it’s a good plan.”

The couple also said they supported abortion-rights candidates, noting that Cuccinelli’s opposition to abortion even in cases of incest and rape seemed too extreme.

No matter who wins, Ron Coles pointed out that all voters benefit from the end of election season.

“No more commercials,” he said.