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Two teens guilty in horrific home invasion

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Two teenagers already serving long sentences for two home-invasion robberies last year are facing more time after admitting involvement in a third.

Robert Daquan Cox III and Michael Charles North, both 18, pleaded guilty in Stafford Circuit Court Thursday to eight charges connected to a vicious May 21, 2012, home-invasion robbery in Widewater Village in Stafford.

Cox is already serving a total of 30 years and North 27 years for a robbery in Spotsylvania that also took place on May 21, 2012, and a June 19, 2012, robbery in Stafford that also occurred in Widewater Village.

The teens decided not to take their chances with a jury, even though five charges they pleaded guilty to carry potential life sentences.

According to the evidence presented by Commonwealth’s Attorney Eric Olsen, Cox and North were both 16 when they entered the bedroom of a husband and wife who were sleeping with their 9-month-old daughter.

The teens, who were tried as adults, had a knife and a flashlight and were wearing masks, gloves and black clothing when they startled the couple by yelling, “Get the [expletive] up. This is a robbery.”

The woman picked up her daughter and cowered on the bed with her husband while the robbers rummaged through the bedroom while several times threatening to kill them, Olsen said. They took jewelry, including a Rolex watch, before moving to another part of the house.

There they found a large amount of Japanese yen and a gold wedding band that the woman’s mother had left her after passing away a few months before the robbery. Olsen said the crying woman begged them not to take that, and they responded by laughing at her and licking the ring.

Olsen said the robbers continually threatened the victims during the ordeal and bragged about being “gang-bangers.” They also told the woman they were coming back for her daughter when the child turned 18.

The robbers later forced the couple to the basement, where they made them take off all their clothes and lie on the floor. They tied their feet and hands together with rope and talked about raping the woman. One of them sexually assaulted her with a cardboard tube.

They also kicked and punched the couple during the ordeal, and dragged their nude bodies across carpet to a utility room, causing carpet burns. They then poured liquid, including grapefruit juice, onto wounds.

Olsen said they threatened to put the baby into the freezer if she started crying; the child did not cry.

The two teens finally left, leaving the couple naked and tied up. The husband finally got himself loose, then untied his wife. They put on their clothes and ran to a neighbor’s house for help.

Cameras, cellphones, house phones and cash were also taken.

Olsen said police had no suspects in the case until June 19, when Cox was seriously injured after being stabbed during a similar incident at another Widewater Village home. After being arrested for that incident, the teens confessed to both May 21 robberies, including the one in Spotsylvania.

Olsen said the stolen yen was cashed in at a store in Potomac Mills by an older man. Police got a surveillance camera picture of the man and later linked him to Cox.

Olsen declined to say whether the man would be charged with any crime.

Cox and North pleaded guilty Thursday to breaking and entering while armed, abduction for pecuniary benefit, two counts of robbery, abduction, two counts of assault and battery and sexual battery.

They will be sentenced on on Jan. 27.

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