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Man guilty of five counts in home invasion beating case

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One of the two men who went into a Stafford County home last year and tussled with the residents pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor charges Wednesday.

Travis Christopher Milde, 21, of Stafford was convicted of unlawful entry, two counts of assault and battery and two counts of destruction of property.

He will be sentenced Jan. 27 in Stafford Circuit Court.

According to court records, Milde and Grant R. Webers entered a home in Kendallwood Estates in southern Stafford late Nov. 27.

Jeffery Veil, the homeowner, investigated a noise and saw Webers heading for the bedroom of his 19-year-old son, Morgan Veil. The Veils knew Webers, who lived right behind them.

Webers continued into the bedroom even after seeing Jeffery Veil and began assaulting the younger Veil.

Webers continued fighting, even after the elder Veil got a handgun. The gun was empty, but the intruder didn’t know it at the time.

During the ensuing commotion, Milde appeared in the home and grabbed the elder Veil from behind, causing the gun to drop to the floor.

Veil testified at an earlier hearing that Milde told Webers “let’s go,” but Webers and the younger Veil kept fighting.

Jeffrey Veil eventually got the gun back and this time put a bullet in it. Milde was already gone, and Webers left after being confronted with the gun again.

The younger Veil knew both suspects, and police showed up at Milde’s home a short time after the incident.

Webers, who head-butted a deputy during his arrest, was earlier convicted of four charges, including burglary and assault on a police officer.

Webers was ordered to serve a total of two years in prison.

Milde’s case was prosecuted by Matt Lowery of the Spotsylvania Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. The Stafford office brought in an outside prosecutor because Milde’s father is the Aquia District representative on the county Board of Supervisors.

Attorney Jay Ventura is representing Milde.

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