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She’s born to be wild at 95

June Carr fulfilled her one bucket list wish by taking her first-ever motorcycle ride on Sunday.

And the 95-year-old did it in style—taking a ride in a Harley–Davidson sidecar.

The staff at Heartfields Assisted Living at Fredericksburg granted Carr a wish she mentioned more than two years ago when she and her late husband became residents there.

The Pennsylvania native held onto her obsession with motorcycle sidecars for many decades, ever since she saw former president and then Gen. Dwight Eisenhower riding that style of motorcycle during World War II.

“I’ve always been intrigued by them,” she said before the ride.

At that point, she was waiting inside Heartfields with others, enjoying food and music by the Low’n’Brows as part of Heartfields’s Oktoberfest celebration.

When the time came, Heartfields’ employees suited Carr up with a black leather jacket to keep her warm on the cool, drizzly day. And then members of the Strength & Honor Motorcycle Club gave her one of their black leather vests and a helmet.

Several of the club members helped lift the tiny great-grandmother into the sidecar, which was black with red flames painted on it.

She waved to the small cheering crowed as about a dozen Harleys roared off onto U.S. 17, along with a pair of marked Stafford deputy cruisers and a rescue squad as escorts.

Carr’s family came to enjoy the event, including her son, Millard Carr Jr., and his wife, Eve. Their daughter, Erica Carr, also came from Florida for the occasion.

“It’s great, it’s wonderful,” said Millard Carr. “She still has that enthusiasm … to do whatever comes along.”

June Carr’s ride lasted about a half-hour, as they tooled around downtown Fredericksburg before returning to Heartfields.

After club members lifted the little lady out of the side car, she made sure to hug them all.

“She seems like she had a blast,” said the club’s president, Bryant Halstead.

June Carr indeed enjoyed her ride, calling it “wonderful.”

Would she do it again?



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