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VRE train struck by car

UPDATE: The 311 train will begin moving soon, said Virginia Rail Express spokesman Mark Roeber.

He also clarified what happened with the train and the car on the tracks.

The car was coming from Tim’s Rivershore restaurant, he said.

The car had apparently crossed over one set of tracks and instead of turning onto the road, turned onto the second set of tracks, Roeber said.

The car wasn’t directly on the tracks, but close enough to it to be in danger of the oncoming train.

The people in the car realized they didn’t have much time before the train was coming, so they got out and abandoned the car, he said.

Because of the way the car was near the tracks, the train grazed against it, Roeber said.

He didn’t believe there was damage to the train.

He also corrected the amount of passengers. There were about 300 people between the two trains and about 130 on the 313 train.


UPDATE: A car struck a Virginia Rail Express train in the Cherry Hill area of Prince William County after 7 p.m. Wednesday evening.

The car was trying to cut in front of the train on Cherry Hill Road and didn’t make it in time, said VRE spokesman Mark Roeber.

No one was injured on the train or in the car.

He said the car sped up trying to beat the train across the road as the train was approaching, but there’s no gate, it’s just an at-grade crossing. It hit the side of the train.

The train the car struck was the 311 train traveling south toward Fredericksburg. The train behind it was the 313 train also traveling toward Fredericksburg.

Roeber said that there were 300 people on the 313 train and they were offloaded onto three or four buses and are already on their way home.

He said CSX was still inspecting the tracks to determine if the 311 train could continue on its path toward Fredericksburg. There are 240 people on that train.

If the train cannot continue, there are buses staged at the Rippon station that could pick up those passengers, he said.


A Virginia Rail Express train struck a vehicle at Cherry Hill and service for two trains is interrupted, according to a service alert on VRE’s website.

The 311S train, which left Union station at 6p.m. is stopped and VRE is working on plans for the passengers on the train and three buses are on their way to Woodbridge for the passengers on the 313S train, according to the VRE website.

Here’s the alert: “7:49 pm – 311 is stopped. Struck vehicle at Cherry Hill. 3 buses are on their way to Woodbridge for 313s passengers. Working on plans for 311s passengers.”

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