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Katy Perry tweets props to North Stafford High School

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What’s louder than a lion?

Fifteen hundred Wolverines.

Friday, the student body of North Stafford High School held a pep rally for the cameras, to record a display of school spirit set to Katy Perry’s latest smash “Roar.”

The students dressed in orange and blue to represent their school in a competition sponsored by Good Morning America and Katy Perry. As they waved signs and danced, the students sang:

“I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire

‘Cause I am a champion and you’re going to hear me roar

Louder, louder than a lion.”

The song has been hailed as an anthem supporting girl power, but students and staff at North Stafford said the lyrics also fit the school’s spirit.

“What you see in that video is the spirit they give us every day,” said assistant principal Jeanne DeCarli.

At North Stafford, students walk into the cafeteria under the painted words “Welcome to the best high school in the world.”

And they carry that sense of pride through the hallways, said Harrison Bacordo, senior class president.

He and two other seniors organized the video for the competition. Senior Sydney Simcik saw the competition on “Good Morning America” and immediately thought it would be a good way to showcase her school’s spirit. Plus, she wanted the prize: A Katy Perry concert held at the winning school.

She approached the principal, Tom Nichols, at a football game that same night.

“And I’m thinking, ‘OK, who’s Katy Perry?’” Nichols said.

His daughter, also a senior at North Stafford, immediately set him straight about the pop star and her popularity.

Sydney, Harrison and Jack Tabb had two weeks to get the video together. They planned a pep rally for the first home game of the school year and spread the word about the competition. Thursday night, Sydney and a group of fellow field hockey players stayed up late making signs for the pep rally.

Friday afternoon, Jack – who hopes to go to film school – climbed onto a cart and videotaped the crowd going wild.

Sunday, Harrison and Sydney spent hours in Harrison’s basement eating Cheez-Its and editing the film. They posted it to Youtube around 5 p.m. Harrison tweeted a link to the video, using the label #NSHSRoar.

And that’s when the buzz began.

By 7 p.m., the hashtag was trending with #BreakingBad and #PeytonManning, Harrison said.

Around 9 p.m., that buzz became a roar as Perry used  #NSHS in a tweet., writing, “I CAN HEAR YOU ROARING NSHS!” Throughout the evening, Perry used the hashtag four times.

Sydney, Harrison and Melissa Nichols all ran to tell their parents that a pop star tweeted about their school.

“Now everyone feels so good that they go to a school that Katy Perry acknowledged,” Harrison said. “It was such a great feeling.”

By Monday night, the video had more than 24,000 views. The students behind the video hope to get even more views by Oct. 10, when the winning school will be notified.

But even if they don’t win, Harrison said, the video was a good way to showcase the school’s Orange Fever.

“The world now knows what we’ve always known at North Stafford High School…” Nichols said.

“That we’re the world’s greatest high school,” Harrison finished.

And … here’s the video:

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