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Rocky Run residents can suggest new name

A change of address is in store for residents in 18 homes along a Stafford road—though none of them is actually moving.

Instead, their house numbers and street name will change when the new Rocky Pen Run Reservoir opens sometime this winter, splitting the 3.5-mile Rocky Run Road in two.

The longer, eastern portion will keep its name, under the Stafford Planning Commission’s current recommendation, since there are more homes along that stretch.

The 1.4-mile segment to the west is where changes will occur, but the commission hasn’t decided yet what those changes will be.

The members have called a special meeting for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday to finalize a recommendation for a new road name. The six members will meet in the ABC conference room of the government center, 1300 Courthouse Road, prior to the previously planned joint public hearing with the Board of Supervisors at 7 p.m. to consider a project at Celebrate Virginia North.

Five people told the commission this past Tuesday that they were displeased that the address change was being forced on them, and that it would take much more work than just contacting the post office about the change. Doctors, banks, publications and other companies would all need to be contacted, not to mention friends and family.

They said emergency responders would quickly learn the new routes, but it would take longer for GPS systems to update.

Joe Brito, a former Hartwood supervisor, presented a petition that he said most homeowners had signed asking for the name to be Old Rocky Run Road, or West Rocky Run Road—not Roberson Road, after a longtime Stafford family that lost a portion of land for the reservoir.

The Planning Commission is hoping that residents will email their preferences—or any other suggestions—before the special meeting.

Right now, Rocky Run Road makes a U-shape between U.S. 17 on the east and Holly Corner Road on the west. In fact, some Hartwood residents say they’ve used the road as a cut-through to avoid congested U.S. 17, something they won’t be able to do anymore.

Since the western leg will now originate at Holly Corner Road and dead-end at a cul-de-sac, the house numbers along that stretch must change too, based on the county’s address system. So the house currently numbered 675 Rocky Run Road could become 2 Roberson Road (or whatever road name is decided upon), according to the draft proposal.

“We’ll have to get an attorney to change our address,” resident David Mancini said at a recent Planning Commission meeting.

Pamela Mancini said that residents had already moved their mailboxes across the street, at the request of the post office.

One longtime resident later told a reporter that the roads should be named after nearby creeks—but as recommended, Rocky Pen Run will be next to the remaining Rocky Run Road, and Rocky Run will be closer to the newly named segment.

Commissioner Robert Gibbons suggested not changing the name at all, and just having two roads with the same name that don’t connect.

Other Planning Commission members said it makes more sense to have two distinct names to minimize confusion, but they want to strike a compromise to cause the least inconvenience and disruption to residents.

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The Stafford Planning Commission is trying to decide on a new name for the western stretch of Rocky Run Road, which will be cut off from the rest of the road by the new Rocky Pen Run Reservoir this winter. Under consideration so far: Old Rocky Run Road, West Rocky Run Road and Roberson Road.

Residents along the affected stretch, which includes 24 parcels but only 18 homes, are encouraged to email their preferences to Planning Commission Chairman Michael Rhodes at or Hartwood Planning Commissioner Darrell English at before Tuesday’s 6:30 p.m. meeting.