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Man, 22, gets 20 years in rape case

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A Stafford County man who raped a teenage girl who’d been drinking at his home last year was ordered Monday to serve just over 20 years in prison.

Christopher Anthony Dotson, 22, was sentenced in Stafford County Circuit Court. He had previously been convicted of rape.

The rape occurred on April 10 of last year—the victim’s 16th birthday, according to evidence.

Dotson, who had a previous conviction for a sexual assault involving a 14-year-old girl, had gotten out of jail eight days earlier after serving time for a probation violation and had just been put on GPS monitoring the day before.

Judge Sarah Deneke said that those factors, combined with Dotson’s extensive juvenile history, convinced her that he is a predator who needed a lengthy sentence.

“I don’t believe there are any set of rules that you will follow,” the judge said to Dotson.

Deneke sentenced Dotson to 50 years with 35 years suspended on the rape conviction. He got another five years and three months on a probation violation.

According to the evidence presented by prosecutor Tara Mooney, the victim didn’t know Dotson, but went to his home that night with a group of teenagers who engaged in underage drinking.

Mooney said the girl got extremely drunk on tequila and other alcohol and eventually found herself alone in a bedroom with Dotson.

The girl told police that Dotson, whom she was not interested in, undressed her and laughed when she told him to stop. The girl said he then held her down and raped her.

The other teens later took her home, and she was vomiting and crying as they let her out of the car. She immediately told her mother that she had been raped and was taken to a hospital.

In a subsequent taped interview, Dotson repeatedly told Detective Barry Surles that he never touched the then 16-year-old victim.

But DNA evidence obtained from the girl proved that was a lie.

In addition, Dotson’s probation called for him to not be around teenagers and to not drink alcohol.

Defense attorneys Eugene Frost and Tara Beth Coleman said that had the case gone to trial, Dotson would have claimed that the sex was consensual.

But Dotson agreed to a deal that capped his maximum penalty at 30 years in part because a conviction under the statute he was charged under would have called for a mandatory life sentence.

Mooney on Monday asked Deneke to give Dotson the entire 30 years he could have gotten under the plea agreement.

She said he has shown no remorse and poses a continuing danger to the community.

Frost said five years would be more appropriate. He said Dotson was not remorseful because he doesn’t feel he committed rape and said his biggest mistake was lying to the investigator.

“He was stupid, through and through and through again,” Frost said.

Just prior to being sentenced, Dotson apologized for his actions and said he would have never been around the victim had he known her true age. He claims the girl told him she was 18.

“I’m not a bad guy. I just made stupid mistakes,” he said.

Deneke said she didn’t believe Dotson thought the girl was an adult and said his sole purpose that night was to have sex with her.

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