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Home building will continue at Indian Point

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Atlantic Builders will continue construction of six houses at Indian Point without an archaeological survey, but will turn over any recovered artifacts to Stafford County.

The company responded in a letter to the county administrator Thursday that it would “respectfully decline” permission for the county to arrange a survey of the property.

Earlier this week, the Board of Supervisors voted 4–2 to send a formal letter to the developer after residents raised concerns over possible artifacts that could be on the land.

The county can’t require a developer to conduct archaeological surveys, so was making the request voluntarily.

The entire Marlborough Point peninsula in eastern Stafford along Potomac Creek has witnessed history, from early Native Americans to the Patawomeck Indian tribe, to early colonists and the beginnings of Stafford.

Many county residents and members of the Patawomeck tribe worried that history would be lost if an archaeological survey wasn’t done on the 6-acre site that Atlantic Builders purchased in December.

Previous studies had examined a palisade village and ossuaries along the peninsula’s edge.

Stafford would have coordinated with the Department of Historic Resources to have volunteers conduct a small-scale survey of the land.

CEO Adam Fried said Atlantic Builders had received all necessary governmental approvals for the subdivision, on the cleared lot along Indian Point Road. The southern portion of the cleared land is owned by another developer.

Other homes stand near the property, Fried noted. Building permits were issued for two of the six planned houses; one of those is nearly complete, and another is in early stages of construction.

But Atlantic Builders, which has done work in Stafford for more than 20 years, will preserve any artifacts that are uncovered during the building, since many community stakeholders are interested in the property, Fried wrote.

“Though the results of the prior archaeological studies have not prompted or required the preservation of The Preserve at Indian Point, Atlantic Builders will deliver to Stafford County any and all archaeological resources discovered on the lots during the construction of the homes,” Fried wrote.

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