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Tempers flare as rape case delayed

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A scheduled plea agreement in a child sex assault case fell apart at the last minute in a Spotsylvania court Tuesday, leading to heated words between the victim’s family and the defendant.

When a postponement was granted by Spotsylvania Circuit Judge David H. Beck, a man with the victim’s family shouted at the defendant, 42-year-old Walter Allen Rollison Jr.

“You want to mess with little kids, then come mess with me,” the man shouted at Rollison as he was being escorted back to police custody.

“Bring it on [expletive],” Rollison shouted back.

Then that man and the victim’s father tried to rush toward Rollison, but were quickly stopped by deputies and escorted out of the courtroom with a stern warning from Beck.

A new trial date of Oct. 1 was set for Rollison, who is accused of sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl.

A guilty plea for Rollison had been set for Tuesday morning, but a last-minute withdrawal of a plea offer led to the postponement.

Rollison is charged with rape, aggravated sexual battery and forcible sodomy against a 4-year-old girl between January and March of this year.

According to family members, the young girl looked at Rollison as a grandfather figure.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Bill Neely said in court that the plea agreement that had been offered was not acceptable to the family, but prosecutors were prepared to move forward with a jury trial.

The plea agreement would have had Rollison plead guilty to sexual battery, register as a sex offender and serve one year in jail with the chance of having at least 5½ years of suspended time from past charges revoked.

Defense attorney Mark Murphy asked for a continuance, arguing that he and his client were not prepared to go forward with trial because they were under the impression that the plea offer was still valid.

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