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Police say Stafford County man drilled for gas in commuter’s vehicle

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A Stafford County man is accused of using a drill to steal gas from a vehicle in a county commuter lot.

A witness called the Sheriff’s Office about 2 p.m. Saturday to complain that a man was stealing gas from vehicles in the State Route 630 commuter lot off Courthouse Road, Sheriff’s Office spokesman Bill Kennedy said.

He had apparently drilled a hole into at least one commuter van gas tank and filled several large gas cans with gas, police said.

The witness gave a description of the man and his vehicle, and Deputy Rodney Stamm saw the vehicle leaving the lot just as he was arriving. The vehicle had an expired sticker, so Stamm stopped it.

Stamm immediately smelled a strong odor of gasoline and saw four large gas cans in the back of the car. He also found a drill and a drill bit.

The driver had no license but gave Stamm a Social Security number. He first told the deputy he was getting gas for a tractor, then said he was getting gas for a friend, police said. When asked what he was doing in the commuter lot, Kennedy said, the driver stopped talking.

A witness later identified the driver as the man who was seen stealing gasoline. During a subsequent search of the vehicle, police also found a baggie with suspected heroin.

Kristofer Eugene Brown, 32, of Rockdale Road was charged with tampering with a vehicle, destruction of property, petty larceny, possession of heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was also issued traffic summonses for driving on a suspended license and having an expired inspection sticker.

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