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Man charged in stabbing at raucous Stafford County party

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A young Stafford County man was charged with malicious wounding after deputies broke up a large party in North Stafford, authorities said.

The host of the party was also charged after police learned that he had thrown the party without the homeowner’s permission.

Sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy said numerous deputies responded to complaints about a loud party on Longwood Drive short before 2 a.m. Saturday. More than 200 people were at the home, and vehicles were parked up and down the road.

Kennedy said party-goers began running out of the home and going in all directions as deputies arrived, and many of them were yelling at and being disrespectful to the deputies. At one point during the commotion, a large crowd gathered outside the home and appeared ready to fight.

A short time later, someone in the crowd yelled that someone had been shot. That turned out to be untrue, Kennedy said, but a young man had been stabbed in the arm and the abdomen.

Deputy Joseph Floirendo gave aid to the victim at the scene and he was later taken to an area hospital for treatment. Police said the victim was apparently trying to calm down the rising emotions when he was attacked.

Witnesses at the scene initially told police they had no idea who had done the stabbing, but the ensuing investigation led to a suspect. Ronzell Parker–Kimble, 19, was arrested later that day and placed in the Rappahannock Regional Jail.

The host of the party was also arrested after police contacted the homeowner and learned that neither he nor anyone else had permission to be in the home. Jared Wines, 21, of Triangle, a relative of the homeowner, was charged with unlawful entry and trespassing and was also placed in jail.

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