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Meth-via-mail plot earns prison term

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A man who used an unsuspecting 81-year-old Fredericksburg woman’s address to receive illegal drugs was ordered Friday to serve three years in prison.

Jerald Ferrand Heflin, 35, of Stafford County received 10 years with seven suspended after pleading guilty to conspiracy to possess methamphetamine.

In exchange for his plea, prosecutor Jeff Adams dropped a charge of attempting to possess methamphetamine.

According to police and evidence presented in court, Heflin and Anthony Willingham were handymen who operated a business called T&S Services.

As part of the business, they occasionally did odd jobs at the woman’s house in the 3100 block of Normandy Avenue in the city.

On March 20, they contacted the woman’s adult son regarding a FedEx package for them that had been sent to the woman’s house.

The son, who is in his 40s, was suspicious about why the package would have been sent to his mother’s home. But he asked her about it and learned she had thrown it in the trash a few days earlier.

He retrieved the opened package from the trash and found a suspicious substance wrapped in plastic. The substance was later determined to be methamphetamine, a highly addictive stimulant.

The son called police and the woman was directed to call Heflin and tell him the package had arrived. Police, meanwhile, replaced the drugs with a Bible and re-wrapped the package.

Heflin and his girlfriend picked up the package from the woman’s porch and were stopped before leaving the neighborhood.

The subsequent investigation also led to the arrest of Willingham, who has a trial scheduled for Oct. 22 in the city. A charge against Heflin’s girlfriend was later dropped.

Adams said the credit card used to pay for the package, which was sent from California, belonged to Heflin’s mother.

The investigation revealed that similar packages had been delivered to the woman’s house in the past.

Willingham is also facing drug and gun charges in Spotsylvania stemming from a raid at his house in Chancellor Green that followed the incident in Fredericksburg.

Among the items seized in that raid were drugs, and also some personal papers belonging to the Fredericksburg woman.

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